Sydney Area Climate 2015: Its January 19th which is "Late" Summer in Sydney. Since the weather shifted in the 1990s after the WAR summers are comfortable, but hot in the 80s to 100s F between December and January. Fall is the Rainy season and lasts between February and the end of May. There was a lot of flooding in Sydney area last year. Winter is another short comfortable period between June and July with temperatures dropping into the 40s to 60s as the rain tampers off to the bone dry Spring which starts now in August. The temperatures then raise back into the 70s and 80s as Heavy Dust and Rad storms blow in from the West. Last year in September and October the storms where pretty bad, not as bad as they were in the 1990s, but the worst in 10 years. It didn't rain again until December.

Sydney Area Vegetation: Several forms of mutated flora have taken hold in New South Wales since the WAR. Most of Sydney is now in ruins and covered in rope like vines that grow like Ivy. During the Dry months both the Domain and the Duchy spend a lot of time pruning.

The Domain of Sydney The Domain is a Semi-Socialist Democratic Commune setup in 1992 by the survivors for the State and City governments and the army garrisons that remained loyal to them. The community has since grown and encompassed several smaller autonomous  independent communities that band together with the Domain in a mutual defense and trade. If under attack members of these communities can find shelter behind the walls of the Domain Commune, Observatory hill, Al & Jakes Breweries, and the Garden Island Dockyard (Lincoln CVN City).


Domain Commune: 8000+ (5000 Humans, 2000 Freaks, 1000 Ghouls)

Lincoln CVN City: 3000+ (2000 Humans, 500 Freaks, 500 Ghouls)

Observatory Hill: 400+ (200 Humans, 100 Freaks, 100 Ghouls)

Al's Brewery: 400+ (200 Humans, 100 Freaks, 100 Ghouls)

Jake's Brewery: 400+ (200 Humans, 100 Freaks, 100 Ghouls)

Engineers of Australia Square: 800+ (400 Humans, 200 Freaks, 200 Ghouls)

The Duchy of Sydney The Duchy is a Feudal Militaristic setup in 1992 by the survivors for the State and City Police forces that sided with army Colonel August Bligh. As the tide of VDS (Viral Death Spawn) waned in 1992 the Australian Army's Unit (2nd Division) stationed in Sydney had a mutiny. With the VDS now under control, Bligh, who was now acting commander of Division 2 ordered the systematic murder of all Ghouls. This was against the orders of the remaining civilian government in the downtown area (which is now the Domain). Fifth Brigade under control of Major Tom, then based at the University of Sydney opposed Bligh. In a short but intense civil war Bligh tried to crush both Major Tom's forces and the Domain but failed. Forces Loyal to Colonel August Bligh (Most of the 2nd Division's 8th Brigade) now control everything east of Botany bay drive from  Wentworth Village On Sydney bay to La Persouse Castle 9 miles south on Botany Bay. Major Tom was promoted to Colonel and retreated out of the University leaving it to its automated defenses. Tom left the half his forces with the civilian government in the Domain, he then headed north to found the "Enclave" as a counter balance to the Russian Soviets on the North shore of Sydney bay. Bligh, who, to put it mildly suffers from delusions of grandeur declared himself the "Duke" of Sydney, and his supporting senior officers were granted the title of Barons. The military structure of the 8th Bridge was reorganized on medieval lines with the surviving officers and NCOs becoming aristocrats. The surviving civilian human populations have devolved over the last two decades in merchant and peasant classes. Freaks are not not allowed to own property and are little more than servants and serfs. Ghouls are killed on sight.


Duchy of Sydney: 15000+ (8000 Humans, 7000 Freaks)

Note: The Situation between the Duchy and the Domain is tense. Although a truce is in place, and the last major fight was almost two decades ago, there is still regular skirmishes in the ruble and vegetation of the no man's land of central Sydney. Many believe that the  Duke has just been consolidating his control and building up his armies. He has openly declared that he plans on becoming the "King" of Australia before his death. Bligh will be 60 in August.