Alternity Eclipse Phase

Background Info

The background for the game is very similar to Eclipse Phase in its Trans-human evolution and share the same time line until 2051. From there is an “Alternate” course of events.

2040 | The first manned mission to mars.

2050 | The first Hyper corps start building space elevators on Earth (Africa) and Olympus Mons Mars.

2051 | On mars Ozzie Iaacs and Nigel Sheeldon test the first wormhole, opening it on Venice beach California and go surfing.

2051 to 2090 | The Wormhole technology opens up the resources of the solar system to easy access to Earth. Ozzie and Nigel make a deal with the U.S. Government; to get funding to build their Wormholes they would provide the Pentagon with direct access to wormholes, giving them the ability to deploy anywhere on the planet (or off it). The COMPRESSION SPACE TRANSPORT (CST) Company was born. The new space elevator in Africa and the one on Mars went bankrupted overnight. Over the next few decades  the military requirement had slowly ebbed as more and more of Earth’s population left to find their own brands of freedom and nationalism out among the stars, leaving fewer and fewer warlords and fanatics behind until finally the United Federal Nations (UFN) came into existence in 2089.

2089 | Oaktier opened for settlement

2090 | Velaines opened for settlement

2092 | Gobal Solor Power farm on Luna Establish. All non “GREEN” powered electricity banned on Earth.

2097 | Augusta is discovered. Corporations and Hyper Corps lobby and win the right to found their own colony worlds escape the tightening gripe of the “Green Party” on Earth. Augusta becomes the hub of the Phase Two worlds as a massive exodus of heavy industry leaves Earth for the “Unregulated” wilds of Phase Two worlds.

2100 | Jaruva’s wormhole connection is closed thus becoming the 1st of the Isolated Worlds

2109 | Quantum Thinkers/ Seed AI’s go on strike and then shut down all together. Wide spread panic that the machines “Are going to kill us”.  QAIs completely replaced with RIs or Restricted Intelligences (Week AIs) over the following decade.

2110 | First contact with an Alien race: The Factors.

2137 | Silifen, the second Extraterrestrial race to encounter mankind are discovered on Silvergalde.

2148 | New Houston Revolt. After losing 17 worlds to “Isolationism” the UFN outlaws ("read as" ends by military force) secessionism.

2170 | First sign of the Dyson Pair envelopment is seen from Earth

2178 | Existence of the SI is made public. The SI reduces the wormhole from its planet, Vinmar, to Augusta to micro-width connection

2200 | Many of the Phase One (2066 to 2097) and Phase Two (2097 to 2200 worlds demand more autonomy from the UFN and the Intersolar Commonwealth is formed. Over the next 100 years with the backing of the CST the Commonwealth with its Senate and Presidency becomes humanities defacto government.

2201 | The “Star Flare” Seen on Earth. CST opens wormholes in the 400 LY distant star system to investigate.

2202 | Far Away, the H- type world in the “Star Flare” star system becomes the first of the Phase Three worlds to begin colonization. Deserted alien space craft found on Far Away shortly after first colonists arrived.

2243 | Paul Myo passes Serious Crimes Directorate exam for senior investigator; Bradley Johnssen; robs several Vegas casinos in “The Great Wormhole Heist”.

2264 | High Angel contacted; A sentient alien starship, 230 light years from Ashun. There are many domes housing different alien species, although only the Raiel have agreed to contact with humans. Humans occupy three domes (New Glasgow, Moscow Star and Cracacol) in the High Angel although another two (New Auckland and Babuyan Atoll) are being created for human habitation.

2344 | Abadan station disaster

2380 | The human race is fulfilling its potential. We have colonized over 600 planets covering around 400 light years out from Earth, all interlinked by wormholes - the Commonwealth is blossoming into a KARDASHEV SCALE II Interstellar Society. With rejuvenation a part of life, people live for hundreds of years, at least those with the money to pay for the treatment do, but many people take out a rejuvenation pension to help them later in life. Physical death has also almost been completely wiped out. People now back up their memories in storage crystals embedded in the individual which is in turn stored in secure stores in case of any fatal accidents. If a fatal accident does happen a clone body can be grown and old memories inserted into it giving immortality to almost anyone that can afford it.

2381 | Dudley Bose observes the instantaneous envelopment of the Dyson Pair. PRESENT DAY


Character Gen

BACKGROUNDS USED                                                        BACKGROUNDS DROPPED

DRIFTER                                                                                  FALL EVACUEE

HYPERLITE                                                                              LOST

INFOLIFE                                                                                 RE-INSTANTIATED


LUNAR COLONIST (Characters from on V-Type Worlds)

SPACE COLONIST (Characters from space habitats )

MARTIAN (Characters from on M-Type Worlds)


UPLIFT (All types Fine)

COMMONWEALTH CITIZEN [NEW] (Characters from on H-Type Worlds)

                                    Advantages: +20 Groundcraft skill, +20 to any skill.

                                    Disadvantages: None

                                    Morphs: All


FACTIONS USED                                                                                  BACKGROUNDS DROPPED

COMMONWEALTH (Use the TITANIAN template)                   JOVIAN


HUXLEY’S HAVEN (Use the JOVIAN template)