Rick N 1st Srgt John Henry Irons  US Army Guadalcanal, Solomons
Ricky 1st Lt Graph MacCallister US Army Guadalcanal, Solomons


Ben "Mel" Gudsolmen "Brooks" (NYC [Brooklyn] Doctor) Guadalcanal, Solomons
  1st Lieutenant William (Billy) Boyle US Army London
Jacob 1st Lieutenant Baron Piotr Augustus Kazimierz London
John Max Montana (Miskatonic University Investigator Delta Green member) Commander (O-5) USN London

Ian Degal (Miskatonic University Arcane Specialist & Delta Green member) Commander  (O-5) USN

John Lt Dzheyms Novosibirsk Tank Cmdr Soviet Army USSR
Andrew Srgt Aleksay Omsk Soviet Army Tank Gunner Soviet Army USSR
Support (NPCs)    
Annette De Vries Free French Resistance Agent (Bureau 2/ Chat Noir Unit)  Guadalcanal, Solomons
Scout Green (Eli) Mechanic originally Section D reassigned Section M Guadalcanal, Solomons
ASSOCIATES (Players in Reserve)


Rick W  

Lt Cmdr Ian Fleming Free BRN  MI6 Spy Section D

LEX Eldric Lexington (Miskatonic University Investigator Delta Green member) Commander (O-5) USN Miskatonic University Massachusetts
Charles "Cee Zee" Commander (O-5) Douglas Mac Taggart  (British Naval Intel assigned to Section M) Kula Sanatorium, Hawaii.
JASON Tabitha Wright (Delta Green/MI6 liaison) Miskatonic University Massachusetts
AARON Master Sgt. Nigel Barber (British SAS)

Montreal Canada

STEVE Sgt. William Joespeh "B.J." Blaskowiz (US.A) Miskatonic University Massachusetts
JUSTIN Jethro McBride; Canadian Photo-Jounalist Montreal Canada
Sara Aspen Trathwhite (Originally Section D, she was reassigned to Section M because she is a Professor in the Occult) Miskatonic University Massachusetts
Alexis AGENT "W" (Australian operative and trained sniper) Miskatonic University Massachusetts
Derik Prof. Ji Jin Jong (On loan from the Miskatonic University Massachusetts ) Kula Sanatorium, Hawaii.
Major NPCS    
Nathan Chance The Professor (Delta Green Team Advisor)

Lt Commander USN Intelligence

Alexander Viscount Towton Head of Section M Montreal Canada
“N” Head of Section N ?
Winston Churchill Prime Minister of Great Britian Montreal Canada ?
Lord Halifax The head of the opposition party in the British parliament London

Major General Sir Stewart Manzies

The Head of the SIS London

John Alexander Sinclair

Head of SIS Section 6 (MI6) Montreal Canada 
Frank Foley Head of SIS Section 5 (MI5) London
George Smiley Head of Section D Montreal Canada
“Q” Head of Section Q Montreal Canada
Sgt JACK KILLARNEY "Jack Killer Killarney" (SAS, Nigel's "batman") Montreal Canada
Agatha Marcham British MI6 Agent "WOTAN"  Montreal Canada
Benjamin Deforest Bayly Head of  Section A New York City
Lt. L.R. Hubbard  USN Lt (O-3) USN Intelligence, South Pacific Fremantle, Australia
Barabara Barga NY TIMES Reporter (OSS Agent) Kula Sanatorium, Hawaii.
Lilly Warner American Socialite (Agent ADRENT OSS ) Kula Sanatorium, Hawaii.
John F Kennedy 1st Lt  US Navy Guadalcanal, Solomons
Richard Millhouse Nixon 1st Lt  US Navy Guadalcanal, Solomons
Deanna Pendleton 1st Lt  New Zealand Royal Navy Guadalcanal, Solomons


LEX 2nd Lt. Alexander Arkham US Ranger KIA Warsaw August 31st, 1939
LEX 1s Lt. Alexander Smith US Navy (Reassigned from being the assistant military attaché at the American Embassy in Warsaw. Missing in Warsaw, presumed dead, September 1939
LEX Alec Avary (Miskatonic University Investigator Delta Green member) Missing in London, August 1940, presumed dead
JASON William Smythe Photo Journalist Missing in Finland (Now part of COMMITUNIT-2) 1941
Ricky USMC Sgt KIA Manila, Philippines, Jan 1942
Rick N 1st Lt (O-2 Communications) Lanis  FBA KIA Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean, June 1942
John Ivan Kazan /  Efreitor(Prvt)  Soviet Army KIA Brody, Ukraine, SSR , June 1942
Andrew Nakob Samara / Efreitor(Prvt)  Soviet Army KIA Brody , Ukraine, SSR , June 1942
John Boris Belcufsky Efreitor (Prvt)  Soviet Army Tank Gun Loader KIA (eaten by Stalin in Moscow) January 1943
Andrew Srgt Abram Nizhny Tank Driver Soviet Army KIA (eaten by Stalin in Moscow) January 1943

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