1776 –Colonial Gothic: Player Classes

Because Colonial Gothic is set in the 18th century, it will not use the standard fantasy characters out of D20 V3.5. Instead we will be using the “Black Flags: Piracy in the 18th Century Caribbean” by Avalanche press, which has a very nice short list of D20/V3.5 compatible classes to pick from. This book and the D20 V3.5 core rulebook one: Players Handbook will be all the players need to play.

 I will include enough info on the following pages to make a level one starting character. Also I would Like players to use the “Point Buy System” when making their characters, rather than rolling them up. Each character must have a “total” Ability Modifier of +4 spread out over their six starting abilities. All players will be human of course. The Players MUST Pick from the Following:












Rogue: This is the only character class that can transfer directly into the 18th Century from the D20 V3.5 core rulebook one: Players Handbook. Needless to say, the American War of Independence, and the late 18th Century Caribbean had an abundance of these characters running around.

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