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CG 1776 Chapter Two: “The Longest Island”

Background: This story picks up after the “Pirates of the American Revolution” which was played out in 2008 covering the USCN raid on Nassau in the Spring of 1776.

Intro: Brewer’s House Tavern in Setauket, the players are members of the Patriots (Formerly known as Whigs), and are educated and skilled professionals, Architects, Clerks, Merchants, Physicians, Shipwrights, Merchant Marine Officers.

Goal: Prevent British Aristocrats from using Black Eldritch Mythos Magic to defeat the Americans in their War of Independence. It’s the Height of the “Age of Reason” where modern science, and the “Scientific Method” is first being put to the test both Socially and Environmentally. 

Chapter Two


Opening Scene: Late Evening June 1st, 1776, the sun has just set on the Brewer’s House Tavern in Setauket. Setauket is a rural center on Eastern Long Island of about 900 people.

Scene One: A Hooded Figure (The Adventure Hook) looks around the tavern, but as he does, the Tories you have been brawling with earlier and have been keeping an eye on head straight at him towards the door. The hood man runs out the door and the Tories follow.

Brawl on North Country Road

Scene Two: The Next morning:

Adam: The shipwright finds a small lockbox in his tool shed at the shipyard when he comes in for work.

Chris: The Physician finds an envelope with a Key in it in the mail at his house.

Derik: The Book Store owner finds a Package at his shop.

Bruce: The Merchant Marine Officer finds gold chain Doubloon necklace hanging on the outside doorknob of the door to his room in the boarding house.


Scene Three: The group compare their gifts from last evening during breakfast at the Brewer’s tavern. The key opens the lock box that contains: A letter, A scroll, and a broken compass. The Package Chriss received at his shop is a book in Latin, Titled “Book of Dagon”. They ponder if the hooded figure they saw in the Tavern doorway had anything to do with it.

The Shipyard manager comes to inform

Adam: The Ship architect that they are ready to launch the Falcon, the sloop he had been working on for the Gardner family out on the east end.


Bruce: The Mariner officer that his ship will be fitted out and ready to sail by this afternoons tide. Find a crew 80 men and deliver the American Falcon immediately. The port of delivery is Meridick’s harbor in South Hold. South Hold is a town on the North Fork of roughly 750. It’s a 55-mile sail from Setauket harbor, and 62 miles by road. The crew can return by the North Country road back to Setauket if they want further employment.


The Letter:

An invitation to four to visit the writer out in Sag Harbor just south of  Shelter Island. Shelter Island is nestled between the North and South Forks of Long Island, surrounded by Shelter Island Sound and Gardeners Bay. Use the Gold chain Doubloon necklace as to recognize him. The meeting is crucial to the success of their mutual enterprise in Liberty.

Scene Four: The group decide to sail together and pick fellow Patriots they know and can trust to man the Falcon for its sail to South Hold.

Scene Five: South Hold. The group try to hand over the Falcon but the harbor mast only tells them that their dock fees are paid for the week in advance and that he has no other information for them. The group tell the crew of the Falcon to keep an eye on the ship while they travel to Sag Harbor. There is a ferry man that will sail you the 8 miles across Shelter Island Bay to Sag Harbor.

Scene Six: Sea Dragon’s Tavern Sag Harbor, a Seafaring town of 1,100.

The Letter writer greets the group. He is wearing the Doubloon necklace. He also gives the “Freemason” signal, of which Adam is a member.

He is Nathaniel Gardiner. He is concerned about a group of powerful men, known as the Order of the Obscurorum, they are an occult group that hates both the Freemasons and the principals of enlightenment and liberty. They have become very interested in something that was found in the hidden away in the old Nassau fort down in the Caribbean during the American raid there for gun powder this past spring. He has reason to believe that is “item” is currently here on Long island. The American ship bringing it up from Nassau had to hide it before the ship was intercepted by the infamous HMS Rose to prevent it from capture.

He hires the group to become privateers with a Letter of Marque from New York State. Their real mission is to patrol the coast of Long Island and look for both the missing “item”, and Torrey actives involving these “Obscurorum”cultists.

Finally, beware of the HMS Rose and its captain James Wallace, “… he’s a devilishly efficient sadist and is volved in this occult group somehow…”




1776 is a role playing game (RPG) set in an alternate 
1770s and 80s of Historical Horror Fiction.

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