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The Longest Island





CG 1776 Chapter Two: “The Longest Island”

ACT Four

Scene One:  Thursday Morning September 12th, 1776. The British offered of a peace deal last night, “just go back to where they were 2 years ago, and all will be forgiven”. It was rejected, “we weren’t born yesterday,” was the answer. The Howe brothers had no authority to grant pardons, the American leaders knew this, and at this point the American Patriots had committed to the cause of a new country for over a year now, there was no going back.

The group meets for one last time in Trinity Church.

The Group is ordered up state to help with the Continental Lake Fleet at Lake Champlain. They are ordered to leave immediately as the British invasion of NYC could happen at any time now. Their mission was considered a success, with the important items retrieved from the chest from Nassau recovered if not in its entirety. As a bonus they now have a “Book of the Arcane” spells from the “Order of the Obscurorum. They still haven’t been able to decipher the “Book of Dagon”, an item that was originally in the Nassau Chest and retrieved before it was hidden on Plum Island. As to the function of the broken compass, they haven’t figured that one out yet either…


Epilogue:  The British invaded NYC on September 15, but by then General Washington had already moved his army north to Harlem,

escaping the Howe brothers yet again. On September 21, a fire destroyed a quarter of New York City.

In the immediate aftermath of the fire Nathan Hale was executed for spying.

Although American troops delivered an unexpected minor victory with a holding action at Harlem Heights in mid-September,

 Howe defeated Washington in battle again at White Plains and then again at Fort Washington. 

Because of these defeats, Washington and the American Continental Army retreated across New Jersey and into Pennsylvania.




1776 is a role playing game (RPG) set in an alternate 
1770s and 80s of Historical Horror Fiction.

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