Tiamat, the supreme Queen and goddess of evil dragons sees a way to capture Bahamut (The King and god of all good dragons) by using Earth's material plane of existence in the year 1453AD.  She is planning on flooding the material plane of 1453 Earth with magic and conquering it with her dragon armies. In the chaos that will ensue she will be able to force Bahamut to this plane and capture him.


Enter the Players

Summoned to the temple of Bahamut of whatever Fantasy plane they hail from, the head cleric there is hiring you for a mission.

She explains that although Tiamat and her followers have been on the move in the Forgotten Realms, their activities have been on pause recently for some reason. Although happy about the extra time to combat her cult, high level spies have determined that Tiamat is working on something big in a neighboring plane of existence that could destroy this one and many others.
You are going on a scouting mission into this realm.
Monsignor Marcello di San Dimas will then then be introduced, and he will walk the players through a magic arch on to the Genoese owned Island of Chios on May 25th 1453AD. Monsignor Marcello, who is aware of different dimensions as the Popes “Special” envoy for such matters including “magic”, will give the team
Rings of Greek Language, allowing them to speak Greek. He then gives the team a mission of his own, the team is tasked with finding the missing Georgian Princesses Mariya, who is now the Empress. She married the Byzantium Emperor in March and Monsignor Marcello thinks she is with child. Retrieve her before the Turks can get her. Monsignor Marcello is convinced that the city of Constantinople, the last capital of the Eastern Roman/Byzantium Empire will be lost to the Turks soon. He is also certain that the last Roman Emperor of the Byzantium Empire will not leave the city, but maybe you can save his child?



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