"The 13th Gate"











Ambassador VOITAN'S LOG:

NSS Sunrise Maiden

CREW ROUSER (By Berths):

CAPTAIN'S CABIN : Ambassador Voitan

CABIN ONE: Dr. E-Gor-O-Vich (Volus Scientist), Blasto (acting publicity Officer) and Quoyle (His Bat Man), Ai Medical Spec. Irwin Wade (Human APEX)

CABIN TWO: Raul, His 2nd Lt, Yanagis, His Lt,

CABIN THREE: Aleena (TF APEX Leader), Sal Desamore (Salarian Eng. APEX), Earl (Angarian Soldier & APEX Trooper), Kloros (DE Information Agent and Cyborg)

CARGO BAY ONE: (Mech Bay) 3 HYDRA Mechs & Voitan's Nomad, The ancient robot found on the "Drift Rock".

CARGO BAY TWO: Dr. Ecurb(In an Ai Statis Cryo Pod) Dr. E-Gor-O-Vich Volus Scientist's Faber Lab, 2nd Legion and his Geth recharging station

TOTAL EXP SO FAR during the 4th Campaign :

Ambassador Voitan: 499,878+ 50,000 = 549,878 (LEVEL 15)

Dr E-Gor-O-Vich 485,504 + 50,000 = 535,504 (LEVEL 15 )

2nd Legion 332,900+ 50,000= 382,900 (LEVEL 14 )

BLASTO :   1,783,519 + 25,000 = 1,805,519 (LEVEL 19)

QUOYLE (BLASTO'S BODY GUARD)62,747 + 12,500= 75,247  (LVL10)

Aleena (APEX TEAM Leader) 85,607+ 25,000 = 110,607 (LEVEL 11)

Raul (VARGR Space Marine 1stLt) 70,607+ 25,000 = 95,607(LVL 10)

Voilar (VARGR 2ndLt)  61,000  + 12,500 = 73,500  (LEVEL 10)

Yanagis (VESK Champion) 74,607 + 25,000 = 99,607  (LEVEL 10)

Hantis (VESK Lt ) 59,300 + 12,500 = 71,800 (LEVEL 10)

APEX Medic Dr. Irwin Wade (Human ) 59,300+12,500= 71,800(LVL10)

APEX Sal Desamore(Salarian Eng.)59,300 + 12,500 = 71,800(LVL10)

Earl (Angarian APEX Trooper)59,300 + 12,500 = 71,800(LEVEL10)

Current cash reserve

1,785,720 MWGCr (Milky Way Galaxy Credit) & 3 Angaran Crystals & 7 Remnant Drift Crystals

1,007,000 +100,000 PC (PACT CREDIT)

Current PARAGON Points: 95 - 7 = 88

Current RENEGADE Points: 100(MAX)













Chapter 13

Opening Scene: Absalom Station Meeting with the star finder leaders

20:00 June 31st 2821 NST

Voitan calls on the Star Finder Council to give them an update on their finds.

The Sunrise Maiden gets 50 new Marines for its new Barrack expansion bay:

48 Star Knights of Golarion and 2 Barachius Angels.

21:00 The Sunrise Maiden make the Drift jump.

Scene One: The flight to the Gate of the 12

10:00 July 2nd 2821 NST

The Sunrise Maiden arrives in the trinary star system listed in the Library of the Istamak Foundry Library.

The inner system is encased in a gaseous nebula. Instead of a trinary star system, one Yellow and 2 Red stars, there are also 9 Black Dwarf Stars.

DC5 Science check: The Black Dwarf Stars can’t be a natural occurrence; they require 1 Quadrillion years to form and the Universe is only 13.8 Billion years old.

Team makes a DC60 Science check: This system is an artificial construct and the 9 Black Dwarf Stars are collapsed Yellow stars from about 1 million years ago. The System is immersed in gravitational forces including Quantum Strings holding the system together.

The DoC Squadron Left Nejeor on June 23rd and Arrived July 1st 06:00 2821 NST.


Scene Two: the Final Singularity

10:26 July 2nd 2821 NST

Sunrise Maiden vs Final Singularity.

Along with her escort: the ACV the Exploding Corps of the Slingshot class and her

42 FANG Star Fighters

The Sunrise Maiden was victorious.

The Exploding Corps surrenders, after it’s 42 SFs realizing that could not target on the Sunrise Maiden opted to escape into the Drift rather than face the wrath of Null-9 for not destroying the Sunrise Maiden. A boarding action then ensued.

Scene Three: the Singularity of Oblivion  

10:26 July 2nd 2821 NST

Sunrise Maiden troops boards the Final Singularity.

They enter in a breach in the hull in the engineering section and the main Airlock.

The Jangly Man defended the bridge while his crew, that he had converted into 18 “Oblivion Shades” for failing to destroy the Sunrise Maiden, attacked the boarders. He and his “crew” lost the fight. The “Marker Corruption” dissipate afterwards so the Final Singularity, while wrecked, can still be reduced to salvage along with the Exploding Corps. Casualties from the boarding action are:

One of the Brach Angels: Phased to another dimension while wrestling one of the shades (the Void? The Drift?)

 Yanagis : Oblivion Marker Corrupted

Raul       : Oblivion Marker Corrupted

AL          : Oblivion Marker Corrupted

Anwar    : Oblivion Marker Corrupted

12 Knights of Golarion: Oblivion Marker Corrupted


Scene Four: Clockwork Oblivion

12:30 July 2nd 2821 NST

After battle the NSS Sunrise Maiden arrives in orbit of the Jungle planet orbiting the Yellow star.

 The planet had multiple clusters of ruins over grown by the jungle, with one cluster on the equator that had an intact structure with artificial power generation.

12 Knights of Golarion Man the captured prize ships to drift back to Absalon Station

Landing party on the Jungle world consists of





Angel two


18 Knights of Golarion


Scene Five: “Control Center”

14:00 July 2nd 2821 2821 NST:  

The ancient Klishee complex is the home to two AIs, one of which is insane, AND a squad of Devourer Cultists

The Team is victorious. BUT Voitan is Contamined by an Oblivian Shade.

AND Krolos "Disappears" during the battle.

Time is running out. The team still havent found the Cult of Devourer leader with the

artifacts from Castrovel.

Scene Six: “Countdown to Oblivion

14:00 July 6th 2821 2821 NST:  

The team reaches the vacum rock world orbiting the next star over and the last location of

NULL-9, the Cult of Devourer leader that is forcing the demi-plane to access the

Stellar Disintegrator. She is killed in combat, but not before she has forced open the gate.

They find the Vargr Exploration ship STAR SCAMP and the missing Star finder

Rachum Fuaral.

 Among the loot from NULL-9's gear they team finds two crystals stolen from the Temple on Castrovel.

One is a Healing crystal that can be used to heal people afffected by the "Touch of the Void".








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